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After a chemical release at a gasoline production plant Friday, three Delaware City Refinery workers went to Christiana Hospital for treatment.

A 52-year-old man ended up treated for headache, dizziness and weakness and a 36-year-old woman received treatment for weakness and lethargy, said Sgt. Michael A. McColley, a spokesman for the county Public Safety Department. A 40-year-old woman also went to Christiana as a precaution, McColley said.

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Workers in the area immediately evacuated after the refinery had a brief chemical release, said Michael Karlovich, a spokesman for plant owner PBF Energy.

Officials have not said what the chemical was. The incident occurred at noon.

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Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control officials said they were awaiting a report on the incident.

The release came a week after a fire destroyed a building and equipment at the 4550 Wrangle Hill Road facility, which can process up to 191,000 barrels of crude oil daily. The fire reduced capacity. It may take up to a month to make repairs, officials said.

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