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Dell has a new enterprise endpoint security solution that allows for post-boot BIOS verification, along with integrated threat protection.

The post-boot BIOS verification technology integrated with the Dell Data Protection|Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise uses a cloud-based environment to compare and test individual BIOS images against official images held by Dell in its BIOS lab.

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The BIOS verification feature will initially be available on Dell’s business PCs with a 6th Generation Intel chipset, including Latitude PCs, as well as select Dell Precision, OptiPlex, and XPS PCs and Dell Venue Pro tablets.

“The growing complexity of BIOS-specific attacks, and with new malware variants possessing the ability to reinstall themselves within the BIOS, organizations need a more sophisticated way to know that their systems have not been compromised,” said Brett Hansen, executive director, Data Security Solutions at Dell.

Cyber Security

In addition to the new BIOS protections, the endpoint security suite leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning technology from Cylance to block unknown threats and malware.

Customers can remotely manage all components through a console that includes consolidated status and compliance reports. It also satisfies compliance with industry standards, meeting PCI DSS, HIPAA HITECH and Microsoft requirements for anti-virus and anti-malware solutions, Dell said.

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