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PC Matic released its Device Authentication, which provides access control that identifies a unique device and allows network administrators to authorize specific devices their team may use when accessing PC Matic’s cloud-based management console.

Developed in response to cybercriminals targeting third-party tools and managed service providers to carry out ransomware attacks, this added layer of authentication can further strengthen a user’s cybersecurity posture by limiting specific devices that have permission to uninstall, override, or disable antivirus systems – thus limiting the network’s risk for a cyber attack.

“As ransomware wreaks havoc on businesses and governments across the United States, we’re frequently seeing third-party management tools maliciously leveraged to disable security or carry out targeted ransomware attacks,” said PC Matic Vice President of Software Development Andy Tuch. “This feature provides administrators with the ability to secure their PC Matic console, and ensure that even if their password is stolen, unauthorized devices cannot access their critical security controls.”

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