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The building where Dover Chemical’s Monday morning vapor release occurred will remain offline for several days while the company completes equipment and safety assessments.

“The chamber where the incident occurred continues to cool and remains isolated. All vapors are contained in the chamber and the plant’s emissions control equipment,” said Dwain Colvin, president of Dover, OH-based Dover Chemical Corp.

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“The chamber will be inspected and further assessments will be made when safe entry is possible.

“The chamber where the incident occurred will be offline for several days while the incident is thoroughly investigated and all safety systems are evaluated and verified. All other operations were restarted after a thorough inspection of all safety systems,” Colvin said.

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Dipropylene glycol — commonly known as automotive antifreeze — was one of the reactants in a reactor that overheated when report of the issue came into the Dover Fire Department at 9:19 a.m. Monday.

Broken-down components of dipropylene glycol released Monday, sending a large vapor cloud into the air, closing the chemical plant and putting local citizens and emergency personnel on alert for more than four hours. No plant employees or emergency personnel suffered an injury during the incident.

As a precautionary measure, officials diverted local traffic Monday and they closed I-77 between New Philadelphia and Dover.

In his statement this morning, Colvin thanked local safety forces for their response Monday.

“The Dover Fire Department and Chief (Russ) Volkert demonstrated the hours of training they have invested in emergency response and incident management paid handsome dividends,” Colvin said.

“The issue in the plant was handled very well by all of our employees. Our operations, technical and engineering teams acted swiftly and professionally to mitigate damage and to insure safety,” he said.

“There was an obvious sense of urgency without panic. The situation was evaluated, several alternative solutions presented and the proper selection executed without further incident. Our goals are always to operate our facilities without incident, but to be prepared if operational issues occur. Our foremost response to any incident is to protect the safety of everyone on and off site with no environmental harm and mitigation of damages.”

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