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Security provider, Dragos, Inc. acquired Atlanta-based NexDefense, a provider of industrial controls system (ICS) visibility technology.

As part of the deal, Dragos will also offer Dragos Community Tools, a set of free assessment tools to help organizations begin moving toward a comprehensive ICS security plan.

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NexDefense, originally funded by the United States Department of Energy and developed at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL), was one of the earliest and most well-known ICS security companies in the space.

“With the acquisition of NexDefense, an early company in this space, we can provide a free asset identification tool specifically for those operators that are looking to start with situational awareness and enable continuous asset monitoring capabilities, thereby helping move our entire community closer to the next level of maturity in security against cyber threats,” said Robert M. Lee, chief executive and founder of Dragos.

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Dragos Community Tools provide organizations with free asset identification capabilities, an important first step to effective threat detection and response. This is especially important in ICS environments, as they can contain thousands of assets – many potentially unknown to industrial organizations – with interconnected communications. The tools include the NexDefense product Integrity, as well as the Cyberlens, an assessment tool developed by Dragos team members before founding Dragos Inc.

Dragos is providing qualified industrial organizations access to Dragos Community Tools so they can take the first step to understand what assets they have and how their ICS assets function, communicate and behave. This visibility is the prerequisite for the development and deployment of cybersecurity architectures to detect and respond to threats.

Dragos Community Tools consist of:
• DragosCyberLens product is available free for industrial organizations as an assessment tool to help the community quickly process packet captures and visualize ICS environments.
• Dragos’ Integrity product is available free for industrial organizations in need of continuous, passive ICS network monitoring with basic DPI and asset fingerprinting capabilities.

The creation of these free community tools is an expansion of the Dragos commitment to the community. Dragos began its programmatic community approach in October last year with Neighborhood Keeper, a program that serves smaller providers who lack sufficient resources to buy and manage advanced security technologies. Neighborhood Keeper is a paid offering that makes ICS threat analytics and data accessible to smaller providers, giving them access to collaborative ICS data at near-real-time and providing them immediate insight into the ICS threat landscape without revealing sensitive data.

Click here for more information and access to community tools.

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