Dragos, Inc. and OSIsoft formed a partnership to offer a broader analysis of network and operational data to detect and respond to threats.

The Dragos Platform integration with OSIsoft’s PI System provides visibility of operational data and industrial network data that has been unavailable for ICS security defenders.

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OSIsoft’s PI System collects and connects data from millions of data points from sensors, machinery, and industrial operations. Correlating PI System data with the Dragos Platform’s existing collection of industrial network and host data provides users enhanced asset discovery and a level of visibility into ICS network activity. 

“We recently established partnership for Dragos Platform integration with OSIsoft’s PI System to provide improved situational awareness,” said Bryan Owen, OSIsoft Principle Cybersecurity Manager. “By utilizing our deep bench of almost 500 interfaces to different industrial control systems and data sources, cybersecurity management systems can be transformed from disconnected silos of information to an integrated, near-real-time situational awareness platform. Being aware of changing situations covers many areas, from operational upsets to defending ICS networks from cyber-attack.”

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The Dragos Platform uses threat behavior analytics across broad datasets to identify adversary behaviors. With the addition of OSIsoft’s PI System data into the Dragos Platform, the integration allows for new threat behavior analytics, providing analysts with more coverage and confidence in detection.

These threat analytics are tied to investigation playbooks, pre-made by Dragos analysts, and help analysts undertake appropriate investigations, security operations, or incident response. With greater visibility into operational and network data, the Dragos-OSIsoft integration provides ICS defenders with a comprehensive process of analyzing data, broader coverage for more effective threat detection, and a reduced mean time of recovery during incidents. 

“OSIsoft is a long-time, trusted community leader,” said Dragos chief executive and founder Robert M. Lee. “Partnering with them not only furthers the coverage of the Dragos Platform by adding historian data, but also adds another key partnership for Dragos to focus on helping the community through innovative approaches to cyber security.”

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