After discovering a leak of the potentially dangerous chemical aniline earlier this month at one of its plants, DuPont found trace amounts of the chemical outside of the company’s Beaumont facility.

At the time of the leak 26 employees underwent medical checks on site as a precaution the day of the leak. A spokesperson for DuPont said none of the employees required any additional treatment.

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DuPont issued the following statement last week:

“The company’s initial investigation determined the impact was limited to the site. However, trace evidence in the form of brown pinhole size spots have since been discovered at nearby industrial neighbor’s facilities and a church. Following an extensive investigation that included sampling, the company has determined the exposure is limited to an area of approximately 800 feet from the site’s fence line.”

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The company is in the process of cleaning the neighbor’s vehicles and buildings within the 800 feet zone to remove any residual material and as a precautionary measure to further minimize the risk of exposure to any of the materials released.

A trace material in the aniline stream is 4-aminodiphenyl (4ADP) which contains a health risk in the event of repeated exposure over a long period of time. There is no significant risk due to the Nov. 3 incident because of the short-term, low level potential for exposure.

DuPont’s aniline unit remains shut down.

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