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DuPont Co. will pay a fine of $725,000 and upgrade procedures for handling hazardous materials and routine and preventative maintenance at its Chambers Works plant in Deepwater, said New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Commissioner Bob Martin.

The agreement stems from DEP investigations of spills and handling problems at the plant, its hazardous waste disposal landfill, drum and container storage areas, a rail siding, and its industrial wastewater treatment plant.

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“This agreement reached with DuPont will ensure the Chambers Works facility meets the high standard of environmental protection that the DEP and community expects,” Martin said.

“The order includes violations that DuPont self-reported to the agency and others noted by regulatory inspectors,” said Chambers Works Spokeswoman Meredith Avakian.

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“Many of the infractions involved record keeping, labeling and other administrative functions related to the handling and treatment of wastewater,” Avakian said. “Others concerned minor leaks and spills, again mostly related to wastewater treatment operations.”

Avakian said the order focused on incidents between 2009 and the present and is a result of a settlement negotiated between DuPont and the DEP. As part of the settlement with the DEP, DuPont agreed to the $725,000 fine.

“None of the violations posed a threat to people or the environment, on or off-site,” Avakian said.

According to the DEP, the administrative consent order contains a compliance schedule requiring DuPont to:
• Perform an evaluation of the site-wide and area specific procedures relating to the proper storage, identification and accumulation of waste and submit revised plans to address deficiencies;
• Provide a listing of actions and preventative measures to prevent spills and discharges of hazardous waste and hazardous substance from occurring throughout the plant and submit revised plans to address deficiencies;
• Remove remaining hazardous waste from the wastewater holding tank;
• Perform various upgrades to the landfill and improve its maintenance and preventive measures plans;
• Characterize, remove and dispose all waste rail cars from the siding area and upgrade rail car management and inventory controls;
• Submit quarterly reports detailing compliance progress.

In 2006, DuPont agreed to upgrade equipment and pay $105,000 fine as a result of a DEP investigation that logged more than 220 incidents of spills and discharges at the plant, according to the DEP.

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