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As the industrial space has become connected, industrial controls systems (ICS) have become a strategic hacking target.

Along those lines, 79 percent of organizations in the manufacturing sector have experienced a cyberattack targeting IoT devices, according to an Irdeto survey.

When it comes to combating cyberattacks in the manufacturing sector, organizations need to be less reactive and more proactive. To help in that area, Irdeto launched Trusted Telemetry to deliver reliable information on security events in real-time to provide early warning of cyberattacks.

A key component of Cloakware Security Services, Trusted Telemetry delivers security events that show cyberattack in progress and insights to correlate events to obtain a true big picture.

Cyber Security

Operators in a manufacturing environment need to trust the data and devices within their infrastructure.

Unlike other solutions based on anomaly detection, which often results in false positives, the solution provides real-time detection of device exploits for timely containment. This reduces the impact of an attack and provides thorough mitigation of an exploit post-attack, resulting in cost savings for the organization.

“Not only can cybersecurity incidents cause operational disruptions, breached devices can also be commandeered to launch cyberattacks on other devices and systems,” said Jaco Du Plooy, vice president of IoT security at Irdeto. “Our recent Connected Industries Cybersecurity Survey found that 90 perce t of organizations in transport, manufacturing and healthcare experienced an impact as a result of the cyberattack, including operational downtime and compromised customer data or end-user safety. These results clearly indicate that these markets have security challenges that need solving now.”

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