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To help manufacturers ensure more accuracy and confidence in plant measurement systems, Emerson will incorporate Pimsoft’s Sigmafine software in an enterprise-wide platform.

By adding Sigmafine to its software portfolio, Emerson strengthens the accuracy, reliability and usability of plant measurements to deliver sustainable business results.

Having accurate mass balance and yield accounting data is a critical business practice to mitigate financial risk and reduce losses in the oil and gas, chemical, refining, and food and beverage industries. As manufacturers embrace digital transformation technologies and programs, accuracy and validation of mass balance and yield accounting data is the foundation to assess, predict, model, and optimize operations.

“Real-time digital transformation infrastructures depend on data quality, and this partnership allows Emerson to offer unparalleled confidence in mass balance data from plants and across the enterprise,” said Julie Valentine, director of refining flow solutions. “Quality assurance of data helps companies reduce costs, improve asset utilization, streamline business processes and maximize profitability – all critical for Top Quartile performance.”

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Emerson’s flow measurement technologies and mass balance and loss control consulting expertise combined with Sigmafine’s software platform provide a solution that helps customers validate and reconcile data quality of field measurements for custody transfer, plantwide material balances and yield accounting tasks.

Having a reliable dataset for mass balance and yield accounting systems can significantly improve operations, prevent theft, reduce losses and mitigate financial risk. This dataset is also a critical enabler for maximizing the accuracy and return on investment of digital transformation and optimization projects.

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