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By Gregory Hale
Safety and security remain key elements for Emerson Process Management as the company talked about the future as the company moves forward with new product releases and upgrades.

While the company experienced double digit growth for is past fiscal year, Steve Sonnenberg, executive vice president of Emerson and president of Emerson Process Management said during his keynote address at the Emerson Global Users Exchange in Anaheim, CA, today that is good news, but that growth did not come easy.

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“Our funnel is full and growing every day,” Sonnenberg said. “But his has been one of the toughest years in our history.”

Sonnenberg talked about the flooding in Thailand last year that devastated its supply chain and therefore caused delays in getting products out to its customers.

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“Before the flood we had risk mitigation in place, but after the flood we have an aggressive risk mitigation plan in effect. That incident stressed your organization and our organization, but (with the customer’s) patience, I can honestly say we have never been stronger moving forward.” He said that kind of incident will not catch them off guard again.

What Sonnenberg also talked about was a key strategy the company started focusing on in the past, but is really trying to step it up even more and that is serving the end users.

“We are known for our products, but we want to become a trusted advisor,” he said. “There is a huge attrition of knowledge workers leaving the industry and in the emerging markets that expertise does not exist. (Users) want us to help solve problems and (users) also want us to be easy to work with. We want to be a problem solving organization that is easy to do business with. We want our sales people to stop selling and start solving.”

Part of solving problems comes with advances in technology and Peter Zornio, Emerson’s chief strategy officer, gave a lengthy presentation on introductions and upgrades on a plethora of products.

One of the key safety enhancements came with the DeltaV SIS V12 with CHARMS.

CHARMS is an electronic marshalling system Emerson introduced a few years back that allows any DeltaV controller to read any input value regardless of where the wiring is landed.

This will enable the system, which is TUV and exida certified, to simplify the engineering and design. Allow for faster product scheduling and have all the benefits of the DeltaV SIS, to name a few attributes.

“We took all the capabilities of DeltaV SIS and made it easier to integrate into any other control system you may have,” Zornio said.

Zornio also talked about the Emerson Smart Firewall that is exactly what an automation professional wants.

“This is for the automation guy that says ‘I want something that just works out of the box.’ That is what this firewall does,” he said.

But it is not all about DeltaV as Zornio also talked how the power industry will gain with enhancements to security for the Ovation Control System.

With all the new government regulations coming out for the power industry, this system will help users meet those requirements and keep them out of harm’s way, Zornio said.

In the future, Zornio said one of the biggest movements will be toward a more ubiquitous wireless enterprise. Wireless, he said, will allow for more measurements, which leads to more information, which could lead to a safer and more productive production environment.

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