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Emerson enhanced its DeltaV Mobile app to ensure plant personnel have faster access to process information and to help organizations tailor the notifications personnel receive.

DeltaV Mobile, a mobile app that provides read-only access to a plant’s distributed control system and operation data, offers improved customization and access to third-party systems in one app.

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App to Report Plant Safety, Performance Issues

DeltaV Mobile users will be able to quickly respond to important process information and changes including held batches, production bottlenecks and potential safety issues.

Custom notifications provide personnel across the organization fast access to essential information including batch status, safety instrumented systems bypasses, key performance indicators or any other process parameter they want to monitor. These notifications are customized to individuals, ensuring personnel receive notification on-demand for information relevant to their job, but do not create additional control system nuisance alarms or notifications that add unnecessary distractions for control room operators and other personnel.

Cyber Security

DeltaV Mobile also enables teams to customize how they handle notification escalation and response. Notification escalation paths now include user-specific time delays, reminders, and limits for each stakeholder in the organization. Users can claim ownership of notifications to clearly communicate to plant personnel who is investigating the problem and sparing others, particularly supervisory personnel, from the distraction of notifications for problems that are already being investigated.

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