An explosion Thursday night at the Flint Hills Resources ethanol plant in Arthur, IA, shut down the plant until officials can inspect the damage.

The explosion occurred in a grain dryer, but officials are looking into the extent of the damage and the cause of the explosion, said Jake Reint, a spokesman for Flint Hills Resources.

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The plant employs 50 people and operates 24 hours a day, Reint said. No one suffered an injury in the explosion.

“First we want to make sure the situation is safe, then look at the extent of the damage and then go about repairs,” he said.

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Reint said it was unclear when the plant would reopen.

According to the Flint Hills Resources website, the company purchased the Arthur ethanol production facility in September 2013. The plant began operations in 2008 and produces 110 million gallons per year.

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