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Residents of two apartment buildings on Monitor Street were temporarily evacuated late Saturday after a chemical release from the Airgas facility in LaCrosse, WI, officials said.

The La Crosse Fire Department responded to a possible chemical leak at 11:17 p.m., with crews arriving observing a “white cloud” coming from the back of the Airgas facility. The emission was later determined to be a leak coming from an 85,000-pound liquid oxygen tank, said Capt. Greg Temp.

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Members of the Fire Department suppressed the vapor cloud, caused by an activated pressure relief valve, using hose streams while other members of the fire crew evacuated two nearby apartment buildings, citing concerns of chemical reactivity.

A third crew then entered the scene to stop the leak, fire officials said.

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In total, 20 residents were evacuated for about 30 minutes due to the leak, with no injuries reported. The La Crosse Police Department assisted on the scene.

No injuries were reported in the incident.

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