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There was a small propane explosion in the acid plant sulphur furnace at Cameco’s Key Lake mill earlier this week in Key Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The incident occurred Tuesday when workers were initiating the start-up of the plant, said officials at the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.

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No one was hurt and the commission said there was no measurable impact to the environment, noting the facility safety systems functioned as designed.

The plant produces acid for uranium processing purposes at the mill, but doesn’t process uranium itself.

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The commission said Cameco’s Key Lake emergency response team responded appropriately to the event.

Meanwhile, the company is investigating the cause of the explosion and possible damage to the internal workings of the sulphur furnace.

Cameco will be providing the commission with a summary of the investigation and corrective actions.

Key Lake mine is a former uranium mine, and the site of the largest uranium mill in the world. Key Lake was initially developed to open-pit mine two nearby uranium ore deposits: The Gaertner deposit and the Deilmann deposit. Mining of this ore ceased in the late 1990s; the Key Lake mill now processes uranium ore from the McArthur River mine and from existing stockpiles on site.

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