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Larson’s power distribution substation converts 480V AC three phase electrical current to 208Y/120V three phase.

Larson Electronics LLC released a mobile temporary power distribution system that effectively powers three-phase 208Y/120V equipment on three phase 480V AC from generators and direct grid power.

This substation UL 1640 is certified and can see use in indoor and outdoor worksites such as construction sites and shipyards.

The MPD-480CL-3P-112.5KVA-208.120-1X200ACL-1X100ACL NEMA 3R 112.5 KVA transformer allows operators to power their 208Y/120V equipment on three phase 480V AC power source for a safer, more reliable connection. Operators connect 480 volt line-in power to a set of 400-amp female cam-locks on the primary side. A set of 400-amp male cam-lock outputs are also available on the primary side for 480/277V equipment. Operators connect to two sets of 120V female camlocks output for 120V equipment on the secondary side, which contains one 200-amp breaker for protection.

Cyber Security

The MPD-480CL-3P-112.5KVA-208.120-1X200ACL-1X100ACL is constructed of heavy powder coated steel, designed for serious use in demanding conditions. Equipped with forklift skid pockets, locking casters and a top-located lifting eyelet. This transformer can be easily moved from location to location, and lifted via cables or hooks. Additionally, this transformer is grounded to the frame and includes a grounding lug on the frame for earth grounding.

“Reliability, durability and safety are crucial for power distribution systems, especially when you’re dealing with the outside elements,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics LLC. “The MPD-480CL-3P-112.5KVA-208.120-1X200ACL-1X100ACL provides all of this, as well as portability and of course the convenience of powering lower voltage equipment on 480V AC.”

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