Larson Electronics released an explosion proof step-down transformer with an explosion proof receptacle.

Larson Electronics LLC released an explosion proof step-down transformer with an explosion proof receptacle that converts 120-277V AC current into 12V DC for low voltage applications.

This step-down transformer allows operators access to a single-pole inline switch with an off/off selection for safe and reliable power interruption when connecting and disconnecting equipment.

The EPL-TX-25A-12V-ILS-EPO explosion proof step-down transformer includes an explosion proof receptacle and a single pole inline on/off switch. This power converter has an input voltage of 120-277V AC, 50/60Hz, which is stepped down to 12V DC at 25 amps. Included with this transformer is a single-pole inline switch that allows operators to interrupt power safely via an on/off selection, before connecting or disconnecting equipment.

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The output side of this transformer is terminated with an EYS seal off with CGB cord grips. Once cable is installed, provided Chico fiber and compound is used to seal the EYS. The input side features an explosion proof receptacle, so operators can connect explosion proof plugs into the outlet for 12V power. Other voltage versions are available with compatible explosion proof plugs.

This explosion proof step-down is Class I, Class II and Class III rated and has an IP67 rated waterproof cast aluminum housing, so it can end up used indoors and outdoors. The EPL-TX-25A-12V-ILS-EPO is constructed of malleable iron, and all the arcing devices are stored within an explosion proof labyrinth switch for extreme protection. This unit also includes integral short circuit and overload protection that shut the unit down protecting it and other equipment from damage.

“What sets this step-down transformer apart is that inline on/off switch we’ve included,” said Rob Bresnahan, chief executive of Larson Electronics. “In explosive environments converting power can be dangerous, so all precautions must be taken to ensure equipment and workers are safe. The inline switch allows equipment to be safely interrupt current flow, before connecting or disconnecting equipment.”

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