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Digital identity theft and mobile cybersecurity provider, EZShield, and IdentityForce, a personal information security provider, merged under a new company called Sontiq.

Sontiq will unite both companies to meet the identity security needs of the markets for both companies.

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The new parent company name, Sontiq, is derived from the Latin word “sonticus” meaning serious or critical. Sontiq’s Intelligent Identity Security solutions focus on protecting every aspect of an identity in today’s digital world where security incidents, cyber threats, and data breaches are the norm.

“Sontiq is a natural evolution for our two companies, EZShield and IdentityForce,” said Dale Dabbs, president and chief executive of Sontiq. “Today, we are excited to launch as Sontiq and we are committed to defending consumers and businesses against cyber threats and identity thieves by providing the latest in product innovation and service excellence.”

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“Uniting our brands under Sontiq speaks to the evolution of the company and the breadth of the markets we are able to serve,” said Daniel L. Black, managing partner at Wicks, majority owner of Sontiq. “We have successfully introduced a number of new products and services during the past two years to outpace the rapidly changing ID theft environment. The Sontiq name acknowledges the transformation in the business that we envisioned when we initially invested in EZShield, and then expanded further with the IdentityForce acquisition.”

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