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An injection molding machine in an Elgin, IL, factory overheated and instead of melting chemical pellets, it caused them to burn, releasing formaldehyde gas, sending nine people to the hospital over the weekend, fire officials said.

The Elgin Fire Department responded to a reported chemical spill at Capsonic Corporation, at 460 Second St. in Elgin.

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Facility representatives and a HAZMAT team determined the injection molding machine overheated and started to burn the chemical pellets that were part of the process, instead of melting them. By burning the pellets, it ended up releasing formaldehyde gas, Elgin Fire officials said.

Firefighters ventilated the plant, and 12 workers ended up checked and evaluated. Officials ended up sending nine of the workers to area hospitals.

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Workers were experiencing nausea and vomiting, according to Elgin Fire Chief Bryan McMahan.

Capsonic makes parts for automobiles, according to their website.

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