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Social engineering attacks in the enterprise is becoming more widespread and administrators and security vendors must step up their efforts to prevent the incidents.
In addition to swifter analysis and protection, end users need to be aware of the practices commonly used to trick them into installing malware and releasing sensitive data, according to security vendor Blue Coat Systems in its annual security report.[private]
Search engine optimization and more sophisticated and targeted attacks are on the rise and companies need to make employees more aware rather than depend on new security tools and appliances, according to Blue Coat.
“The increasing use of link farms to manipulate search engine results and prey on the trust users have in their Internet experience drove many of the malware exploits we saw in 2009 and are continuing to see in 2010,” said Blue Coat senior malware researcher Chris Larsen.
“To provide comprehensive protection in the face of these threats, enterprises need not only (offer) a layered defense but better user education,” he said.
The warning comes as people increasingly rely on the social networking platforms.
Messaging over such platforms is beginning to replace some of the traffic on webmail services, and attacks from compromised accounts can be highly successful because people are more likely to trust links they believe to come from friends and acquaintances.
Services such as Twitter and Facebook are under constant attack.[/private]

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