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Flames can be seen at the Waco Wood Recycling & Material plant after a fire broke out from a mulch pit.

Internal combustion in a mulch pit caused a fire to break out at the Waco Wood Recycling & Materials Plant last Wednesday afternoon.

Internal combustion at one of the plant’s mulch pits, said fire officials at the scene.

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The flames spread more quickly than crews could contain as the Speegleville, China Spring, Valley Mills, Waco and McGregor Fire Departments all ended up dispatched.

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Nearby homes evacuated, after an early scanner report described one of the plant’s structures as “fully involved.”

Pallet piles quickly caught fire, as first responders worked to move heavy equipment to minimize exposure, said the Waco-McLennan County Office of Emergency Management.

Emergency Management Coordinator Frank Patterson sent a handful of fire corps volunteers to care for first responders, who were not just fighting the flames — but also battling intense heat and windy conditions. Heavy winds only made containing the fire more difficult, officials said.

There were no major injuries reported in the incident, but first responders confirmed several of the plant’s employees ended up treated for smoke inhalation.

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