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Fire broke out Wednesday morning at a family-owned boat manufacturing company, Motion Marine in West Linn, OR.

More than half of a large metal building ended up engulfed in flames when crews arrived. It took 60 firefighters to battle the two-alarm blaze. Firefighters from the bay of Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue’s (TVF&R) Mountain Road Fire Station could see and hear the fire located less than a quarter mile away.

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The 13,000 square foot building included a barn, wood shop and work space.

Crews were able to save some vehicles, chickens and a $300,000 boat, but two other boats ended up destroyed.

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There were no fire hydrants nearby, so water ended up shuttled in from three different locations, including Bridgeport Elementary school.

Crews had to deal with some hazardous conditions. Fuel, fiberglass, acetylene, ammunition and other chemicals used for manufacturing were inside.

There was no one inside the building and there is no damage estimate yet.

Six water tenders ended up used to refuel a drafting site that supplied hundreds of feet of hose lines surrounding the building that did not have a fire sprinkler system.

Firefighters remained on scene and an excavator assisted with roof debris removal.

Fire investigators talked to witnesses, but won’t be able to determine the cause of the fire until all the hot spots are out.

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