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Dozens of Spokane Valley firefighters responded to a structure fire inside the walls and ceiling of the Kaiser Trentwood plant in Spokane Valley, WA, Sunday afternoon.

The fire started just before 2 p.m. Sunday at the plant, according to the Spokane Valley Fire Department. Thirty-six firefighters responded and cut holes in the roof to access hot spots and extinguish the flames.

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Firefighters had the fire under control quickly, but needed more than an hour to fully extinguish smoldering areas.

The Trentwood plant produces flat rolled aluminum products for Kaiser Aluminum. The plant is a rolling mill facility, which is the largest flat-rolled aluminum mill in the western United States.

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Trentwood is a complete mill, with the capability to produce, finish, and ship a variety of products. The facilities and capabilities today include: casting, scalping/soaking, hot rolling, annealing, cold rolling, finishing, finishing and rigid container stock, and finishing and heat treat products, inspection and shipping.

No one suffered an injury in the fire. The cause of the blaze is under investigation.

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