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A fire broke out at a chemical plant in Dover, OH, Friday where workers helped firefighters put out the fire.

There were no injuries and no contamination at the Kraton Chemical property, according to Dover Fire Capt. Mike Mossor.

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Firefighters got the call at 10:30 p.m. to the former Arizona Chemical facility at 875 Harger St.

Mossor said a nearly empty tank of fatty acids was heated with steam on the outside of the tank to clean it inside. The fatty acids overheated, igniting a small amount of the product on fire.

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Upon discussing the situation with firefighters, plant personnel applied steam inside the tank to extinguish the flame.

“It’s better to do that than spray water on that kind of fire,” Mossor said. “We stood by to make sure that the steam put out the fire.”

He said firefighters had hooked up hoses for water if fire spread to the building. There was no damage to the building, and no apparent damage to the tank, although plant personnel were investigating to be certain.

Firefighters from Dover, New Philadelphia and Sugarcreek were on the scene and helped ventilate the building. The Tuscarawas County HazMat Team was activated and responded to Dover fire station to prepare in case they were needed, but Mossor said the team did not have to go to the scene, adding “no chemicals or any contamination left the plant property.”

“Everything was handled very well by the staff there, we assisted them to bring the situation to an end,” Mossor said.

The fire was contained within in a half-hour, and firefighters were on scene for about an hour.

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