Firefighters contained a hazardous materials fire outside the Tesla plant in Fremont, CA, last Saturday night.

When they arrived at 8:45 p.m., they found hazardous waste on fire outside the plant in a 10 by 10 storage area, said Deputy Fire Chief Amiel Thurston. The fire was contained in 90 minutes.

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Firefighters moved other material that was not on fire away and isolated the fire.

The hazardous materials team is on site and there is no current threat to the public or any employees of the plant.

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At first, officials thought the fire was a threat to the building, but they were eventually able to gain control.

Tesla has issued guidelines to fire departments on how to deal with battery fires, but firefighters had trouble identifying the source of the fire this time.

“Right now we’re having a hard time identifying the actual material burning. We have some barrels labeled as corrosive, they are not involved. The attack crews are having issues suppressing it with foam. There’s a possibility it’s a thermal runaway with lithium batteries,” one fire officials said.

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