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Duke Energy’s Oconee nuclear plant completed all activities required to transition new fire protection standards, federal officials said.

The three-unit Oconee plant, located near Seneca, SC, about 30 miles west of Greenville, was one of the first plants in the country to begin the transition to National Fire Protection Association 805, a more risk-based standard for fire protection at nuclear power plants.

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Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) inspectors reviewed interim milestones completed by the plant staff since 2013 as part of the Confirmatory Order and finished the most recent inspection in January. The letter and report for that inspection ended up sent to Duke Energy Feb. 21.

“The results of that inspection and previous inspections provide adequate assurance that the requirements of the order have been met,” said NRC Region II Administrator Cathy Haney.

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The work at the Oconee site included completion of the protected service water (PSW), system modification, the analysis of non-power operations, the incorporation of the PSW modification into the plant’s fire protection program documents, and confirmation the PSW system continued to provide adequate protection against fire risk.

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