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Two aerial ladder trucks spray water on the Pacific Recycling Center fire early Sunday morning.

A large fire broke out late Saturday night in a stack of salvage vehicles at Pacific Recycling Center on Palmer Street in Missoula, MT.

When Missoula Fire Department reached the fire, crews found 30-foot flames burning the group of vehicles while propane and other fuel tanks exploded.

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Crews, worried about a larger fuel tank and the eight-foot fences around the site of the fire, used aerial ladder trucks to spray water on the fire from a safe distance.

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Assistant Chief Jeff Brandt said the fire’s complexity was “why we rolled as many people as we could, with the hazardous materials and oils” that were in the recycling yard.

A Pacific Recycling employee also used an excavator to break the pile of vehicles down and helped stabilize the fire in less than an hour.

Twenty-three firefighters were on scene while the Missoula Police Department and Missoula Emergency Services responded as well.

The cause of the fire is unknown, but a fire investigator is currently on scene.

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