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Outdoor equipment shelters from Intertec Instrumentation ended up chosen to help an European chemical manufacturer upgrade its distributed plant control system.

Constructed using composite GRP (glass fiber reinforced polyester) materials, four Intertec shelters will provide fire resistance properties. This attribute will simplify the housing and protection of electronic control and instrumentation equipment at optimized satellite locations within the processing plant.

Additionally, the GRP-based fabrication materials significantly reduces the weight of the shelters compared with traditional metal- or concrete-based constructions. In this application, this weight reduction will allow the plant operator to further optimize the positioning of the control system by mounting three of the shelters at height on steelwork frames.

The shelters offer F60-rated passive fire resistance, providing a barrier to fire spread for 60 minutes. This is achieved by means of a composite material that combines GRP sheets with embedded layers of mineral wool.

Cyber Security

The shelters provide large interior floor areas up to 55 m2 (5 x 11 m).

Intertec produces protective enclosures for field-based process instrumentation and control equipment, using glass fiber reinforced polyester (GRP).

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