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Nozomi Networks inked a partnership pact with FireEye to provide ICS visibility across IT and OT environments.

“Adversaries are increasingly targeting critical infrastructure around the world and operators are prioritizing cybersecurity for industrial control systems and other types of operational technology,” said FireEye CTO Grady Summers. “After extensive review, we chose Nozomi Networks because their platform provides … capabilities which allow us to detect anomalies and proactively hunt for threats within industrial environments.” 

Organizations in industries from energy to manufacturing are becoming increasingly reliant on the interconnection between information technology networks and industrial control systems. Connectivity between these systems introduces new risks and challenges for those looking to manage them with a single enterprise-wide security solution.

FireEye’s solutions for critical infrastructure and industrial control systems offer an integrated suite of security services from initial assessment to outsourced management.

Cyber Security

With FireEye, organizations can develop and manage enterprise-wide security programs designed to ensure operational continuity of their most critical assets. With expanded visibility through the Nozomi technology integration, users can increase visibility and improve detection and response capabilities.

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