Mozilla is working on an update for Firefox that would alert users when they visit a website previously compromised.

Mozilla started to work on a breach warning system in Firefox in 2017. If things go as planned, Firefox 67 may be the first stable version of the web browser to warn users when they visit recently hacked websites.

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Firefox displays a breach alert when you visit a site that suffered from a breach in the past 12 months. Firefox displays the notification and it is up to you to use Firefox Monitor to check your accounts or dismiss it.

The user can block out the notifications and prevent them from appearing again if he or she does not want to be warned of breached websites.

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The warning system is still in its early stages right now and does not provide an automated check, which means that you still have to connect to Firefox Monitor manually to perform a credential verification, officials said.

Initially the user will need Firefox Nightly to enable the warning system because Mozilla is currently evaluating the feature with the help of its testing browser.

According to the existing schedule, Firefox 67 should launch May 14.

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