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A new version of the iPass Open Mobile Windows Client fixes the possibility of an attacker executing arbitrary code.

The glitch affects versions 2.4.4 and earlier of the program and can end up exploited remotely by an authenticated user.

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iPass is a service that offers Internet connectivity across the globe through a network of WiFi hotspots located in hotels, airports and business venues. The service also provides in-flight connectivity.

The purpose is to make Internet connection available at smaller fees than 3G and 4G plans and without the downsides of a crowded network.

Cyber Security

The CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) division at Carnegie Mellon University issued an alert about the vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2015-0925 and assigned a severity level of 8.5, according to the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS).

In the CERT advisory, the affected versions of the program rely on named pipes for interprocess communication.

“One of the subprocesses spawned by the client runs with SYSTEM privileges. An authenticated user can register arbitrary DLL files, including ones located at UNC paths, by sending a specially-crafted unicode string to this subprocess to one of the named pipes. The DllMain function in the specified DLL file will then execute with SYSTEM privileges,” the report said.

The developer has already taken the necessary measures and released version 2.4.5 to mitigate the risk.

The vulnerability ended up discovered and reported by security researcher Matthias Kaiser, head of the vulnerability research department at Code White GmbH in Germany.

According to information from iPass, the network includes more than 60,000 free, open access hotspots, covers over 78,000 hotel and convention venues, and provides Internet access in at least 800 trains with WiFi support. The company also boasts premium in-flight WiFi in 2,200 planes.

On January 20, the company said its global public WiFi network had more than 50 million hotspots, marking an 80 percent increase compared to 2013.

iPass also covers the enterprise sector, offering access to more than one million global WiFi hotspots with a single log-in based on the corporate credentials of the user.

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