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A fracking site went awry and now Vantage Energy is facing three citations for violations related to a natural gas well site emergency in southwest Arlington, TX, this month.

Thousands of gallons of salty, pressurized frack water begin back-flowing out of a well April 11 at Vantage’s Lake Arlington Baptist Church drill site off Little Road and continued until the well ended up capped by a gas well response team the next day.

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The incident led to the voluntary evacuation of over 100 nearby homes until workers were able to bring the well under control.

The Arlington Fire Department issued Vantage citations for the release of hazardous materials and for its delay in notifying the city. Fire Chief Don Crowson told City Council this month the company waited nearly two hours to call 911.

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“Completion operations on the site remain suspended until our thorough root cause incident investigation is complete. The process may require several weeks to complete,” said Vantage Energy spokeswoman Nancy Farrar.

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