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Almost 170,000 gallons of water used to enhance oil recovery leaked from a pipeline in southwest North Dakota.

North Dakota Health Department officials announced the 168,000-gallon spill late Friday afternoon. They first got word of the spill Wednesday at an oil well about six miles south of Marmarth in Bowman County.

ND Oil Well Spills Brine
Out of Control ND Well Contained
ND Spill Reaches Waterway
ND OKs 197-mile Oil Pipeline

Officials say the water is high in dissolved solids and minerals. They say the spill leaked into a drainage area.

Officials said Denbury Onshore owns the well.

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The Health Department says it is responding and is working with the company on remediation plans.

Just two weeks ago a failed valve at a fracking well in Mountrail County, ND, spilled 830 barrels of saltwater, but the mess ended quickly cleaned up, officials said.

Norwegian energy company Statoil owns the well about six miles southwest of Ross, ND.

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