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The third volume of NIST’s CPS Framework published in September and is available online as a PDF file.

This new volume, “Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems: Volume 3, Timing Annex,” presents additional information concerning timing in cyber-physical systems, to supplement content provided in Volume 2.

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Volume 2, which featured reports from five working groups, included a report from the Timing Working Group. That report provided an overview of the Timing Aspect; presented the status of, and needs for, time awareness in system elements of a CPS; discussed timing and latency in CPS; and described special security issues that arise with respect to timing.

Volume 3, in addition to providing a further Introduction to Timing, includes sections on the following:
• Managing Timing and Latency
• Timing Security and Resilience
• Timing Requirements (Use Cases)

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The publications summarize the work and contributions of the CPS Public Working Group (CPS PWG), established by NIST in mid-2014. The first two documents are also available online, free of charge, as PDF files at the following links: “Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems: Volume 1, Overview” and “Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems: Volume 2, Working Group Reports.”

The CPS Framework document — developed in partnership with industry, academic, and government experts — is intended to help CPS experts, architects, and practitioners to create new CPS that work seamlessly with other smart systems that bridge the physical and computational worlds. The framework provides a CPS analysis methodology for understanding, designing, building, operating, and assuring CPS, including those with multi-domain applications.

For more information, visit the collaboration site.

Click here to download Volume 3.

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