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Dexter is a free tool now available to help researchers and enterprise security teams analyze applications for malware and vulnerabilities for Android.

The Dexter platform, created by Bluebox Labs, provides software architecture information presented through a web-based user interface.

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Key features include, a free interactive Android software analysis environment and collaboration features to help development teams identify vulnerabilities that malware can exploit.

Some of the analysis capabilities include:
• A heuristic result enrichment
• A flexible tagging system
• An API for automated processing/extending.

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“The increasing popularity of the Android platform has resulted in an explosion of applications, but with shortened development cycles, many are released without proper security analysis – this often leads to undetected malware making it to market along with the app,“ said Jeff Forristal, chief scientist and lead researcher at Bluebox Labs. “Our mission at Bluebox Labs is to understand the most critical mobile threats and vulnerabilities. Through Dexter we are able to share this understanding with the community, giving developers greater insight into their applications.”

Dexter allows for visualization into applications with extensive graphing capabilities, as well as automated analysis on the application code, resolving cross-references of methods to strings and methods.

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