Columbus State University’s TSYS Cybersecurity Center in Columbus, GA, is starting a cybersecurity degree program and is hosting a series of informational sessions on the new Nexus Cybersecurity degree.

Prospective students interested in applying for Spring 2020 are encouraged to attend one of the following sessions:
• December 16 at noon – Synovus Center for Commerce and Technology (CCT) 2nd Floor Auditorium on CSU’s Main Campus (4225 University Avenue)
• December 17 at 7 p.m. – Room 1304 at Frank Brown Hall on CSU’s RiverPark Campus (1127 Broadway)
• January 9 at 5:30 p.m. – Nonic Kitchen (1239 Broadway)
• January 11 at 10 a.m. – CCT 2nd Floor Auditorium on CSU’s Main Campus (4225 University Avenue)

“Those who complete this intensive program will have a job waiting for them after one year in the program,” said Michael Barker, director of CSU’s Cybersecurity Center. “This is one of the most needed skillsets in today’s job market, and it is not just for tech-oriented people. We need all types and backgrounds. Whether you are interested in psychology, criminal justice, accounting, marketing, or virtually any other field – there is a place for you within the cybersecurity industry.”

CSU’s Cybersecurity Nexus degree was created with feedback from industry partners to address a tremendous shortage of cybersecurity professionals.

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CyberSeek, a program of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology, projects there are more than 500,000 unfilled cybersecurity jobs in the U.S. with 18,378 of those located in the State of Georgia.

According to Indeed, a job placement website, the average salary of entry level cybersecurity professionals ranges from $59,603 to $115,898.

Students enrolled in the Nexus degree will complete six eight-week terms of cybersecurity education over the course of a year.

Those 18 credit hours are laid out in a boot-camp format with instruction happening five-days a week for 4.5 hours per day. It also includes two experiential hands-on apprenticeships for students to gain real world experience as requested by employers.

In order to obtain the full Nexus Degree, students will also need to complete 42 hours of general education. A Nexus Certificate is offered for those who are looking for the credential short of completing the degree.

“It is going to be hard work, but you will be trained to serve in roles that employers are desperate to fill,” said Barker. “This is an ideal program for high school students interested in non-traditional education, adult learners starting a new career, veterans leaving the military, IT professionals changing work roles… anyone looking to invest in themselves for better job opportunities tomorrow.”

Those who enroll in the Nexus Cybersecurity degree will have an additional advantage of training on Georgia’s first ever Cyber Range housed at a public university, which is set to be installed at CSU in early 2020. The cyber range provides students with critical hands-on experience in dealing with malware attacks.

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