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By Gregory Hale
Acknowledging safety is a vital area moving forward and knowing users need a smaller, smarter and more powerful safety system moving forward, Schneider Electric Tuesday released its Tricon CX compact system for safety and control applications.

Likening it to children graduating from high school and moving off to college, Gary Freburger, president of process automation at Schneider Electric said Tuesday at the Schneider-Electric 2015 Global Automation Conference in Dallas they were able to get the reworked safety system up and running within a short time period – only two years.

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Newly TUV certified for safety and security and a certified ISA Secure system, Tricon CX is good for any industry, however, the main focus right now is ensuring a safe environment in the oil and gas, power, refining, chemicals, pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Some of the key features include:
• Managing operational risk
• Safety loop performance
• Making safety a closed loop

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While the goal of the safety system is to hike awareness have the plant remain safe from hazards, the system will also help drive productivity and profitability, said Steve Elliott, a safety expert and senior director – marketing at Schneider.

“We turned up performance and increased response time,” Elliott said. “You can now do automated testing taking the human error out.”

The newest addition to the Triconex line of safety-instrumented systems, Tricon CX is 70 percent smaller, faster, and 67 percent lighter and more powerful than previous safety solutions.

Its advanced functionality enables online upgrades without operational interruption. Additionally, the compact design allows for:
• Reduced form factor by 70 percent
• 67 percent reduction in weight
• Lower power consumption
• Advanced monitoring and control capabilities, including supervised DI/DO with advanced line performance diagnostics, fast analogue inputs with integrated HART, 1ms SOE digital input, and choice of direct termination or external termination panel
• 300 percent increase in controller tag capacity
• 5 times increase in peer-to-peer performance
• ISA Secure EDSA level 1
• New automated test and verification of safety logic

Triconex’s mission is to enable safer operations by maximizing compliance to mandated safety regulations and minimizing unscheduled downtime. The systems improve operational efficiency, helping users achieve gains in production availability, asset uptime and ROI. Tricon is a fault tolerant controller based on a Triple-Modular Redundant (TMR) architecture.

Tricon gained TUV certification for functional safety and security.

When it comes to safety, Chris Lyden, senior vice president of business development for software and industrial automation at Schneider pointed to some interesting numbers: 13 people a day in the United States, don’t come home from work; 4 million people suffer injuries every year in the U.S., and the industry-wide cost impact per year for abnormal situations was $20 billion.

Safety is out there, but there needs to be a more robust safety environment and culture.

“Making your workplace safe and secure is what we do,” Lyden said.

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