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Magellan Midstream Partners is recalling gasoline containing unacceptably high levels of ethanol distributed from the Midstream facility in Oklahoma City.

The amount of fuel involved totals about 10,700 barrels (about 449,400 gallons), officials said
The fuel may contain as much as 30 percent ethanol.

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High-ethanol fuels can cause engines to run poorly or stop. The fuel is especially bad for smaller engines like lawn mowers.

The fuel went out from the Magellan facility from August 23 to August 29 from one of six delivery bays.

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Magellan is working to identify the distributors who picked up fuel from the bay in question, and notify them and the retail establishments served by the distributors.

It appears the fuel ended up dispatched entirely or mostly to retail facilities in Oklahoma, Tulsa, McClain, Love, Lincoln, Major, Seminole, Logan, Kingfisher and Pottawottamie and Cleveland counties.

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission’s Petroleum Storage Tank division fuel inspectors will be working to ensure impacted retailers stopped sale of the fuel in question, and that the product is returned to Magellan.

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