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There was a gasoline leak discovered in rural Warrensburg, IL, Monday, Macon County Sheriffs officials said.

The leak was found in a section of pipeline crossing Hackney Road, about one mile south of Warrensburg, deputies said.

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The pipeline is owned by Pennsylvania-based Wood River Pipe Lines LLC, part of a network of six refined petroleum products pipelines run by the company and stretching for more than 900 miles in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Ohio.

The pipeline has been shut down while cleanup efforts are underway.

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Officials estimate about 250 gallons of petroleum leaked into the ground, and there are no injuries or threats to public health or safety. Cleanup efforts are expected to be completed within three or four days.

Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials are on scene to monitor the situation, and Wood River Pipe Lines crews are repairing and replacing the damaged pipeline.

In a statement, Wood River said it was going all-out to clean up the spill.

“Crews are working around the clock to safely return the pipeline to service,” spokesman David Boone said. “Wood River will work closely with our customers to minimize any potential supply disruption. Our primary focus is ensuring the safety of the local community and first responders as well as minimizing any impact to the environment.”

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