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There are multiple vulnerabilities with proof-of-concept (PoC) exploit code affecting the General Electric (GE) D20ME, part of the GE D20Substation Controller product, according to a report from ICS-CERT.

The vulnerability is exploitable by utilizing TFTP connections to the controller, according to security researcher Reid Wightman, who revealed the vulnerability at the S4 conference this week.

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ICS-CERT has notified GE of the report and has asked GE to confirm the vulnerability and identify mitigations.

ICS-CERT issued the alert to provide early notice of the report and identify baseline mitigations for reducing risks to these and other cyber security attacks.

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The report included vulnerability details and PoC exploit code for the following vulnerabilities that are remotely exploitable: Data leakage that could lead to a leakage of authentication credentials and arbitrary code execution where an attacker could execute arbitrary commands and denial of service.

ICS-CERT is currently coordinating with GE and the researcher to identify mitigations.

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