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Google updated Chrome 61 to fix two high severity vulnerabilities.

The new Chrome, version 61.0.3163.100, went out for all Windows, Mac, and Linux users.

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The updated browser includes fixes for three security issues, two found by outside researchers. Two of the three security flaws ended up labeled high risk.

The first is an Out-of-bounds access in V8 (CVE-2017-5121).

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The second high risk flaw (CVE-2017-5122) was also an out-of-bounds access in V8.

Google handled 25 vulnerabilities with various Chrome 61 releases, including 12 issues reported by external researchers. In addition, eight of these security bugs were high severity.

Issues of lower severity included a use of uninitialized value bugs in Skia, a bypass of Content Security Policy in Blink, and a potential HTTPS downgrade during redirect navigation.

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