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Google wants to give users more control over the encryption of their data by letting them supply their own keys.

So, along those lines, Google introduced multiple levels of encryption offerings for Google Cloud Platform customers.

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By default, customer content ends up encrypted without any action required. However, Google is now offering key management service for customers who want to get more control over how keys end up rotated or deleted or when the change takes place. Customers can supply the keys themselves for Google Cloud Storage or Google Compute Engine.

Google is now working with several services that can provide customer-supplied encryption keys: Gemalto, Thales, Virtru, Ionic and KeyNexus.

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Some of these companies already have strong ties to Google. Gemalto has been supporting the client-side encryption with Google Cloud Storage for years.

Now that encryption has become a minimum requirement for the cloud, Google said developers are ready to handle providing their own encryption keys.

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