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Google updated Chrome 49 in order to patch several vulnerabilities.

Chrome 49.0.2623.108 resolves five vulnerabilities, four of which ended up identified and reported by external researchers.

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Two of the issues, credited to “anonymous,” ended up described as high severity use-after-free vulnerabilities in Navigation and Extensions. The researcher or researchers who reported the flaws to Google earned $5,500 and $5,000, respectively.

Another high severity vulnerability is an out-of-bounds read in the V8 JavaScript engine for which Wen Xu from Tencent KeenLab earned $7,500.

Cyber Security

At the Pwn2Own 2016 competition, JungHoon Lee (lokihardt) attempted to demonstrate a code execution exploit against Chrome. The attempt failed, but the researcher identified a high severity buffer overflow in libANGLE. Google’s advisory credits Lee for finding the flaw.

The latest Chrome update also patches multiple vulnerabilities found by Google’s own security team.

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