Google’s Play Protect security services are now available to all Android users.

Play Protect combines Android security services in a single suite integrated into all devices with Google Play. Users should be able to employ protection capabilities without having to constantly search for and download applications.

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Google already performs tens of billions of application scans every day in an effort to protect the 2 billion active Android devices around the world. Google researchers said they can identify risks, discover potentially harmful applications, prevent them from compromising devices, and even remove them from already infected devices when necessary.

Play Protect can scan all applications in Google Play before they are downloaded, but also periodically check out apps installed on connected devices. That means it can detect bad apps that haven’t been installed via Google Play.

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Play Protect scans and monitors apps from third-party sources continuously, meaning it could detect malicious activities even if they are performed long after the app was installed. Potentially harmful apps are disabled and the user is alerted.

“Google Play Protect continuously works to keep your device, data and apps safe. It actively scans your device and is constantly improving to make sure you have the latest in mobile security. Your device is automatically scanned around the clock, so you can rest easy,” Google said in a post.

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