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The Chrome 76 web browser moved to the stable channel for all supported platforms.

Google Chrome 76.0.3809.87 is now available and it contains bug and security fixes.

The update includes 43 security fixes, including these holes found by outside researchers that rated a high priority:
• Use-after-free in offline page fetcher (CVE-2019-5850)
• Use-after-free in PDFium (CVE-2019-5860)
• Memory corruption in regexp length check CVE-2019-5853)
• Use-after-poison in offline audio context (CVE-2019-5851)
• URIs can load alternative browsers (CVE-2019-5859)

Additional highlights of the Chrome 76 release include Flash plugin blocked by default, Dark Mode support for websites, and more improvements to the Payments API to allow merchant websites or web apps to respond when a user changes payment instruments.

Google Chrome 76.0.3809.87 release is now rolling out over the air updates to Windows and Mac users.

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