Google released Chrome version 72.0.3626.81 for Windows, Mac, and Linux which tackles multiple vulnerabilities.

The update includes 58 security fixes, including one critical and 17 high vulnerabilities.

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The critical issue is CVE-2019-5754: Inappropriate implementation in QUIC Networking.

The high vulnerabilities are:
1. CVE-2019-5782: Inappropriate implementation in V8
2. CVE-2019-5755: Inappropriate implementation in V8
3. CVE-2019-5756: Use after free in PDFium
4. CVE-2019-5757: Type Confusion in SVG
5. CVE-2019-5758: Use after free in Blink
6. CVE-2019-5759: Use after free in HTML select elements
7. CVE-2019-5760: Use after free in WebRTC
8. CVE-2019-5761: Use after free in SwiftShader
9. CVE-2019-5762: Use after free in PDFium
10. CVE-2019-5763: Insufficient validation of untrusted input in V8
11. CVE-2019-5764: Use after free in WebRTC
12. CVE-2019-5765: Insufficient policy enforcement in the browser
13. Use after free in FileAPI
14. Use after free in Mojo interface
15. Use after free in Payments
16. Use after free in Mojo interface
17. Stack buffer overflow in Skia

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Click here for a complete listing of the vulnerabilities.

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