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Google is releasing anti-phishing checks for the iOS Gmail app.

As a part of the new checks, users will get two warnings if they attempt to follow a suspicious link within the app.

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The first warning is a pop-up, warning about the untrusted nature of the site they are attempting to visit.

If they ignore the warning and move on, another one will provide more specific information about the suspected malicious site.

Cyber Security

This latest security move came three months after Android users saw the latter alert after following a malicious link.

Google unveiled security and anti-phishing features for Gmail and for Google accounts.

These include delayed email delivery to perform additional checks based on real-time, last-minute updates to the company’s spam filter and Safe Browsing technology. Another improvement was a longer and more effort-intensive user app approval process, which Google said reduces the risk of potentially malicious apps gaining control of users’ account.

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