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A Whittier, California man is guilty of wire fraud in connection with his involvement in a scheme to defraud a software company of over $16 million.

A federal jury convicted Anthony Clark, 24, in Fort Worth, Texas, Wednesday of one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Sentencing will be February 27.

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Evidence presented at trial showed Clark and three co-conspirators defrauded software company Electronic Arts (EA). EA is the publisher of a video game called FIFA Football, in which players can earn “FIFA coins,” a virtual in-game currency generally earned based on the time users spend playing FIFA Football.

Due to the popularity of FIFA Football, a secondary market has developed whereby FIFA coins can end up exchanged for U.S. currency. Clark and his co-conspirators circumvented multiple security mechanisms created by EA in order to fraudulently obtain FIFA coins worth over $16 million.  

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Clark and his co-conspirators created software that fraudulently logged thousands of FIFA Football matches within a matter of seconds, and as a result, EA computers credited Clark and his co-conspirators with improperly earned FIFA coins. Clark and his co-conspirators subsequently exchanged their FIFA coins on the secondary market for over $16 million.

Co-conspirators Nick Castellucci, 24, of New Jersey; Ricky Miller, 24, of Arlington, Texas; and Eaton Zveare, 24, of Lancaster, Virginia, previously pleaded guilty and await sentencing.

The FBI and the Internal Revenue Service investigated the case.

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