An energy company worker and his wife are dead in Ector County, TX, from H2S gas poisoning after he went to check on an issue at an Aghorn Energy pump house last Saturday.

Jacob Dean, was called into work to check on the pump house.

“Apparently when he opened the door, or something to that effect, he was overcome by H2S gas,” said Sheriff Mike Griffis. “It’s just an awful, awful situation. Two little kids lost their parents, and we just, we need to pray for those folks.”

When Jacob Dean did not return home in a timely manner, his wife, Natalee Dean, took her two kids to check on her husband. Unfortunately, she also inhaled the gas upon stepping out of the car and walking up to the pump house.

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“They were both found deceased at that location. She had two children in the car with her. They were exposed to some gas, but they were taken to the Medical Center Hospital and they appear to be fine.”

H2S is a byproduct of crude oil and natural gas, Griffis said. It is a very deadly substance, and just one breath could take a life.

“It’s very prevalent in this area,” said Griffis. “There’s not a whole lot of incidents involving that due to all the training that has gone on throughout the years. I’m not aware if there was a sensor on that location or not.”

Pump house that emitted deadly H2S gas that left a husband and wife dead.

The investigation remains ongoing by the Sheriff’s Office, but it will soon be turned over to the Railroad Commission and Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The Chemical Safety Board is also sending a team to investigate.

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