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A University of Central Florida student pleaded guilty in federal court for hacking into a website used by the FBI, records show.

Police arrested Scott Matthew Arciszewski at his dorm on the UCF campus in July after investigators said he hacked into the Tampa Bay InfraGard site a month prior and uploaded three files.

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Minutes after the unauthorized intrusion, federal prosecutors said, Arciszewski posted a thread on a hacker forum website that provided a link to InfraGard and instructions on how to exploit the site.

Soon after his posting, the website suffered at least 15 hacking attempts, seven of them successful, officials said.

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InfraGard is an FBI program designed to establish an alliance among academia, private industry and the federal agency, where members exchange information.

Court records also said Arciszewski, using the Twitter name “voodooKobra,” sent a message to the FBI’s press office Twitter account stating that InfraGard “has one hell of an exploit.”

FBI busted Arciszewski on a federal hacking charge July 19, the same day agents across the country arrested more than a dozen others for their suspected roles in cyber attacks linked to the group Anonymous.

Prosecutors said Arciszewski confessed to hacking into the InfraGard site. Arciszewski pleaded guilty in federal court in Tampa last week, and a judge accepted the plea. The judge will sentence Arciszewski, no longer a UCF student, April 19 in Tampa.

He faces up to five years in federal prison, up to three years probation, and a fine up to $250,000.

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